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Recon rug cleaning services in Melbourne

Your rugs in your homes are not only your prized possessions but also a pleasant experience for your guests. We understand that they need to be handled with care. You need a professional rug cleaner who can take up the task of rug cleaning. We at recon rug cleaning services in Melbourne clean all types of rugs.

We customize the cleaning process for your rugs.

Included Services

  • Oriental rug
  • Persian rug
  • Wool rug
  • Silk rug
  • Synthetic rug
  • Handmade rug

Benefits of Services

  • Same Day Service
  • Green cleaning technology
  • No fuzzing or loss of color
  • Suited for different types & sizes
  • Skilled rug cleaners
  • Trusted by 1000s of homes in Melbourne
No matter what size your rug is, we can clean it for you.

Why you need rug cleaning services

Your rugs are often stained by food, drinks, grease, pet fluids etc. You have your family members, pets and guests walk on your rugs all the time. This can damage the delicate fires in your rug and make them look all dull. Regular vacuuming of rugs cannot ensure proper cleaning. You need a professional rug cleaner to remove the stubborn spots on your rug, trapped dust, pet hair etc. A dirty rug can be a breeding spot for many microbes. The last thing you want is some allergies for you and your family due to a dirty rug, right?

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Our process of rug cleaning services in Melbourne

The first step before rug cleaning services is to move your furniture. If you’ve delicate furniture we advise you to move it by yourself otherwise you can ask our expert and professional rug cleaners to do it for you. We pick up your rug, bring them to our cleaning service area and drop them back at your home or office. Check out rug cleaning near me to get in touch with recon.

We carefully inspect your rug for spots and stains. We understand the condition of your rug before beginning the rug cleaning process.

The entire process of rug cleaning includes dusting, washing and drying.

Our special cold water solution is designed for wool, cotton and silk rugs to ensure safe and effective cleaning. 

We have different cleaning solutions for different types of rugs. We use steam cleaning for the majority of the rugs. 

We use forceful, truck-mounted cleaning machines. Hot water is injected deep into the fibers of your Rug. 

This agitates the dirt, dust mites, etc. These are then sucked up through powerful vacuums. What you get is a super clean rug, and the too without any cleaning residue.

What’s more, you ask? We adhere to the area rug manufacturer’s guide for the cleansing program required to guarantee your rug’s warranty.

We can also deodorize and sanitize your rugs based upon your request when the professional rug cleaners would have arrived at your location for cleaning your rugs. We can also add a fabric protector to your rugs to prevent future spots and stains.

You can also utilize recon rug cleaning services near me for any rug repair purposes which will be charged. We do rug repair for minor repairs only, maybe for fringe repair and replacement, or repairing the rug binding.

Rug cleaning cost depends on your rug type, size, its condition, the amount of stains on your rug etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use ph balanced, non toxic and Eco Friendly chemicals to clean your rugs. We also use plant based deodorizer to leave your rug smelling fresh.

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to cleaning rugs in your homes and offices but a good idea is to get them cleaned every 6 months or 1 year. It depends on the condition of your rug, the elements that it is subjected to. But if something has spilled on your rug it is best to get them cleaned as soon as possible.

No, even though we use low moisture cleaning techniques to clean your rugs, we don’t recommend cleaning them on your wooden flooring. Cleaning this way can cause damage to your hardwood surfaces.

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