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Blinds filter light and change the look of your house. Blinds can accumulate dust, fingerprints, stains and allergens. A dirty blind can decrease the air quality in your house. Instead of replacing a blind by putting in a lot of money, invest a bit in getting them cleaned professionally to have them look all new.

We at recon blind cleaning services in Melbourne clean your blinds by removing them from their window mounts and hanging them back safely. Call us today the Best Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne.

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Included Services

  • Mini & Wood Blinds
  • Venetian & Bamboo Blinds
  • Roman & Solor Blinds
  • Vinyl & Metal Blinds
  • Honey Comb & Vertical Blinds

Benefits of Services

  • Same Day Service
  • Modern Cleaning Equipment
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Special Careness Risk Free
  • 10+ Years Experiences

Our Process of Blinds Cleaning in Melbourne

We use ultrasound cleaning to remove dirt, oil, grease and mold on your blinds.

Wet-dry extraction (dry cleaning method of spraying stain and extracting and drying)

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves venetian blind cleaning services. These bubbles implode when they come into contact with water. Tiny vibrations form from this process which can clean the blinds. Because of the low moisture cleaning process, there is no loss of color or shrinkage. This makes us the Best Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne.

Why should you get your Blinds Cleaned Professionally?

Window blinds are often ignored. Blinds can attract dirt, dust, fingerprints, pollen, airborne microbes and allergens. There is a great possibility of diseases for you and your family in case you are living with dirty blinds. When the air quality is affected you are also susceptible to problems like asthma. A lot of allergies including cough, cold and runny nose could be due to a badly maintained blind in your house. Blind cleaning can be a headache considering the large surface area and difficulty in reaching the heights. That’s where venetian blind cleaning services pitch in. 

Are you thinking,”roman blind cleaning near me”? Rely on our expert blind cleaners for quick, experienced and friendly.  We can clean blinds in your homes and offices. For super clean blinds in your home, hire the Best Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne.

Roman blinds are the most common blinds used for domestic purposes. They are made of fabric and folds when retracted and straightens as they expand. They are tougher to clean than traditional blinds therefore it’s best that you call a professional blind cleaner. Recon blind cleaning services in Melbourne are the Best Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne.

Blinds cleaning cost is definitely less than replacing the blinds in your house.

Let’s get your Blinds Cleaned?

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Why choose us?

  1. We are equipped 

We at recon blind cleaning services in Melbourne have all the tools needed for cleaning your blinds right from a ladder to reach high places to cleaning materials suited for different blinds materials.

  1. Extended life of blinds

You’ve invested in your window treatments so why not invest in venetian blind cleaning services to extend their life. Every manufacturer has a different guideline for care of the blinds.

  1. Zero damage

Our gentle chemicals and other cleaning products ensure that your blinds are in good shape even after the completion of our venetian blind cleaning services.

  1. We pay attention to detail 

We not only clean your blinds but also clean cords, bars, and all hard to reach places as well. Hire the Best Blinds Cleaning service in Melbourne.

If you are in need of new blind installation or venetian blind cleaning services, call us today.

Want to know Blinds cleaning cost? Give us a call.

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