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Carpet Repair Service

Recon cleaning services offers carpet repair services in Melbourne at the most affordable prices and by reliable experts. Carpet replacement costs are way too high when compared to carpet repair costs. If you are wondering, “ can I find a carpet repair near me?”, you’ve reached the right place. Carpets come in different styles and sizes suited for homes, offices, hospitals and so on. We have the right education and experience in repairing all sorts of carpets, whether it is carpet restretch services or carpet patch repair.

Included Services

  • Suited for all types and sizes of carpets
  • Professional grade equipment for re-stretching and patch repair
  • Eco-Friendly Repair Services

Benefits of Services

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Special Careness Risk Free
  • 10+ Years Experience

Our Process of Carpet Repair in Melbourne

We at Recon cleaning services offer carpet repair services to extend the life of your carpets without burning a hole in your pocket. We offer two types of carpet repair services namely 

Carpet Restretch services and carpet patch repair.  Call our carpet stretching expert for a free estimate and enjoy 100% Unlimited Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee.

Carpet Restretching involves pulling up the edges of the carpet, re-stretching the carpet, trimming any excess, and re-securing the carpet in its new place. Although the process looks simple, it requires the right tools and equipment. We at Recon services have the right technology to get your carpet back to its original shape. Why take the risk of stretching the carpet on your own when you can avail the best and hassle free carpet restretch services in Melbourne at affordable prices.

The first step in carpet restretching is to empty the room and devoid it of any furniture. We then use a power stretcher to stretch your carpet from one wall to the opposite wall.

Carpet Patch Repair involves cutting the damage patch in the carpet and replacing it with a section of carpet. Fix your carpet that is frayed, torn, burned, or discolored beyond repair with advanced, effective carpet patching from our skilled carpet patch repair experts.  We can also match the color of your current carpet and provide a replacement piece for use in a closet.

Why Consider Carpet Restretch Services in Melbourne ?

One of the common causes of carpet damage is the moisture from under the carpet. It causes ripples, bumps and wrinkles on the carpet which not only spoils the look of your carpet but also can pose a threat to the elderly members in your house. Many Australian homes have reported a trip hazard due to a carpet that has these bumps and wrinkles.

Your carpet may be having bumps, wrinkles, ripples and waves probably because it was installed improperly and without a power stretcher for installation.  Heavy traffic like wheelchairs, tricycles and walkers can also lead to carpet stretching. Sliding heavy furniture across your carpets could also be one of the causes of a carpet restretch. Wrong pairing of carpet with padding can also lead to carpet stretching. A stretched carpet is likely to get damaged sooner because it loses the integrity of fibres. 

Allow us to fix your carpets with a restretching process to give your home a new and polished look. 

It is important to use carpet repair services in Melbourne and to get them repaired in case of damage or stretching in order to avoid trip hazards or health hazards.

Whether your carpet is made of wool, nylon, polyester, synthetic or mixed fibers, carpet repair in Melbourne can help them look brand new. Wondering about “carpet restretch services near me?”. We are just a call away. 

Let’s get your carpets repair?

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Why Choose us?

  • Our carpet repair experts are extremely professional 
  • Our equipment retains the original nature of your carpets
  • Value for money is something that we can assure you

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