Curtain Cleaning Services

While you clean your furniture and bed on a regular basis, curtains and drapes are something that you may be forgetting. A clean and pressed curtain adds a lot of class to your home. 

Curtains and drapes cleaning can be difficult for most people considering how high they are. Besides, unlike other fabrics, curtain and drapery fabrics are not supposed to be washed as it can damage them and leave them looking dull. Also you don’t want to spoil them because they cost you a bomb. We at Recon curtain cleaning services remove the spots and stains on your Curtains and drapes, press them for pleats and leave them looking brand new. You can leave your curtains and drapes at us for a simple curtain dry cleaning but if you need professional cleaning and pressing, consider our curtain cleaning services in Melbourne.

You can trust Recon curtain cleaning services in Melbourne with cleaning your delicate drapes without causing any damage, shrinkage or color fading. Since we don’t use any Liquids for cleaning your curtains and drapes, be rest assured about the shrinkage issue. 

We at recon curtain cleaning services clean curtains and drapery at residences, offices, hospitals, age care centers and so on.

Included Services

  • Suited for different types and sizes of curtains
  • No shrinkage
  • Eco Friendly chemicals
  • No color fade
  • Quick and quality cleaning 

Benefits of Services

  • Same Day Service
  • Expert curtain cleaners
  • Value for money
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Affordable prices
  • Trusted by 1000s of homes in Melbourne

Why should I clean my curtains?

All your curtains and drapery absorb airborne pollutants, allergens and a lot of dust. Dust mites and microbes can easily prey on them. Allergens can cause coughing, sneezing and runny nose. Vacuuming and curtain dry cleaning can only remove the dust superficially. In order to safeguard the health of your family members it is important to clean your curtains and drapery every year or once in 6 months. Fumes from fireplaces and food odors contain airborne chemicals. These oxidize to form a mild acid when combined with Oxygen & Moisture.

Curtains and drapery in warm and humid areas can be breeding areas for molds. Molds can be problematic for someone with asthma, kids and pregnant women. You need professional curtain cleaning services.

Without proper curtain dry cleaning, the lifespan of your curtains is shortened drastically. Hire our expert curtain cleaning services in Melbourne. Our chemicals leave no toxic residue on your Curtains and drapery. If you are wondering, ”best drapery cleaners near me”, look no further. Give us a call.

Our Process of Curtain Cleaning

  • We test the fabric of your curtains and drapery to see what type of cleaning method should be used. 
  • We at Recon curtain cleaning services in Melbourne then prevacuum your curtains and drapes to remove the dust particles.
  • We then use a high tech upholstery machinery and Eco Friendly chemicals to clean your curtains and drapery. If you are thinking about the best drapery cleaners near me, give us a call today.
  • Say goodbye to dirt, spots, stains, soils, allergens, and dust mites trapped in your drapery and curtains.
  • Your curtains are ready for use in the next couple of hours and in great shape with the help of our curtain cleaning services.
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Why Choose us for Curtain Cleaning Services?

  1. Best in class service

Our curtain cleaners are certified and extremely professional. This is why we are the best curtain cleaning services in Melbourne.

  1. Your curtains are in safe hands

We make sure your delicate curtains do not get damaged or shrunken. We use gentle chemicals on them. 

  1. Increased life of your curtains

The stubborn spots on your curtain not only make them look unpleasant but can also reduce the lifespan of your curtain.

  1. Fresh and restored curtains and drapes

Curtains can also gather bad smells from the surroundings. We use a deodorizer on your Curtains and drapes upon request to leave your curtains smelling fresh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a year is good for curtains and drapes in your homes and offices.

It takes about 3 hours for the cleaning process.

No, we use absolutely safe cleaning products to ensure the health of you and your little ones.

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